Celebrate National IPA Day with a Rusty Pale

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Louisville, KY – July 2017 – Two iconic Southern beverage companies are celebrating National IPA Day (Thursday, August 3rd) with a libation that combines Terrapin Beer Co.’s flavorful Session IPA, RecreationAle, and Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey — raised from Barrel to Bottle in Louisville, Kentucky.

Rusty Pale

  • 5 parts Terrapin Beer Co.’s RecreationAle
  • 2 parts Coopers’ Craft
  • ¼ part Lemon Juice
  • ¼ oz. Demerara Syrup
  • Dash of Hell Fire Habanero Shrub or Vinegar Based Hot Sauce

Combine all ingredients and serve in a pint glass or beer mug. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

“Coopers’ Craft boasts a softer, lighter flavor profile, and at 82.2 ABV Coopers’ Craft is the perfect Bourbon to sip your way through summer — neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.” Said Heather Howell, Director of Emerging Brands for Brown-Forman. “Coopers’ Craft celebrates our company’s 70 years of barrel making ingenuity. Each drop of Coopers’ Craft touches three types of wood: oak, birch & beech, making it uniquely smooth and meant to be shared.”

Distilled, bottled, and aged in Louisville, Kentucky, Coopers’ Craft is an easy-to-drink, sipping bourbon that’s meant to be shared.

Available in the following U.S. markets:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. Coopers’ Craft is presented at 82.2 proof and is available at a suggested retail price of $25.99 for a 750ml bottle.

About Coopers’ Craft Bourbon

Coopers’ Craft is a celebration of Brown-Forman’s more than 70 years of expertise raising its own barrels at Brown-Forman Cooperage. Drawing inspiration from the craft of raising barrels and the importance of wood in bourbon-making, Coopers’ Craft uses a unique charcoal finishing process. Coopers’ Craft is a product of Brown-Forman Corporation, a premier producer and marketer of fine quality beverage alcohol brands including Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Tequila Herradura, Korbel, Finlandia, Chambord and Sonoma-Cutrer.

Please drink responsibly.

Coopers’ Craft Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 41.1% Alc. by Vol., Produced and Bottled by Brown-Forman Beverages, Louisville, Kentucky ©2017.


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Terrapin Beer Co.

Inspired by the creative culture of Athens, Terrapin Beer Co. presents a diverse beer lineup, with unique beers like W-n-B, Hopsecutioner, and many others. Today, Rye Pale Ale is accompanied by six other year-round beers, four seasonal sessions, and at least a dozen special projects, side projects and collaborations. The company and its employees continue to live by Terrapin’s mission statement: to create unique experiences through the passionate brewing of the finest quality craft beers. Whether you’re joining us for a brewery tour at our tasting room, drinking a Hopsecutioner at your favorite watering hole, sipping some Hi-5 on your back porch, or enjoying a RecreationAle after a long day on the trail, we hope you appreciate the dedication we’ve put in for 15 years (and counting!)

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