Interested in having something featured on Hops About Beer? Drop us a note on our Contact page and we will get back to you shortly, or you can find our shipping address below.

While many brewers have been nice enough to send me samples of their newest beers, I wanted to formalize the process so as a brewery, you know exactly what you’re getting when you send your beer to me.

For every beer I receive I WILL do the following:  

1)      Post a photo of your beer and Tweet it to my followers. 

2)      Post a photo of your beer on Instagram for all of my followers.

3)      Post a photo to my Facebook page

4)      Check Your beer in on Untappd

5)      Post a photo to with a write-up about the beer and brewery

I want readers to see your latest new brews and I want each brewery to have a positive experience in the process. 

As a brewery you’ll get considerable exposure to thousands of targeted craft-beer loving readers, as a reader you’ll get to see the latest new brews as they hit the market….and yes, as the middle man, I get to sample them for myself. 

You can ship to Hops About Beer at the following address:

Zach Clevenger
Hops About Beer
2554 Millcreek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833

Email for any questions/concerns that you might have. Cheers!